Loup Loup Ski Ski Mo Mo Race

Whew! We had a blast at our first ever Randonee race at the Loup Loup Skibowl. When we came up with the idea to have a race at the Loup, we hoped to have a low-key event with fun vendors and participants, and we got exactly that. The folks at the Loup were really helpful and seemed as invested in a successful event as we were, offering their help leading up to and on race day, and also giving us some good ideas for the future. Our friends at Pinnacle Sales NW, Goat's Beard Mountain Supplies, and Black Diamond, all were there to share their enthusiasm, offer demos, and provide support and prizes. Finally, all the racers were friendly and got after it. A few guys warmed up with the three-lap race, then went on to do five more, giving us some good ideas for next year...

Thanks to everyone for making it better than we could have hoped. We'll see you next year! Results are here.

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Alison Naney

Owner, RRCA Certified Running Coach, NCSA Certified Personal Trainer, and Licensed Massage Therapist

Growing up amid the wheat fields of eastern Oregon, Alison was drawn to open spaces and went to college in Montana where she could ski, backpack, rock climb, and mountain bike with abandon. Majoring in Environmental Studies furthered her connection to the mountains and when she ran her first trail race in 2000, she was hooked: to traveling more miles with a lighter load; helping protect the landscapes she loves; and exploring the connection between her body, movement and the natural world. 

After college, she started running ultras and made her way to Seattle where she worked at Seattle Running Company, where she loved introducing others to the trails by leading group runs and coaching youth and adult programs. Massage school seemed to be a natural choice from there, where she continued exploring how the body moves, and how to take care of it to run long-term. Armed with her license, the mountains drew her to the Methow Valley on the east side of the North Cascades. There, she began her private practice, coached runners, and taught others how to run in a way that didn’t hurt. After another brief stint in Seattle, she’s excited to be back in the Methow, helping runners of all backgrounds and locales find new limits and accomplish their goals.

Alison has been a competitive ultrarunner for fourteen years, and coach for ten. Her holistic approach combines her keen eye for how the body moves, her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and her vast running experience. She loves working closely with her athletes to see them find new confidence in their running and beyond. She can be found running for hours with her husband and Husky in the nearby Cascades and can be reached at alison@cascadeendurance.com.