Spring sprints – La Sportiva Women’s Wildcat Trail Running Shoe

Sunshine! I am literally bursting out of my skin with excitement, after months of endless grey and rain, these rays of sunshine feels like conditioner to my soul. I can’t sit still and my legs are itching to sprint. Eager to try out my new La Sportiva Wildcat trail runners I decide to break them in on a lap around Green Lake.

The first thing I notice is that I don’t notice the Wildcat’s at all. They are so light I forget I am wearing them. I feel like I am running on clouds, although some of the credit is thanks to the magical sunshine! The trail is still wet from recent rain, but the Frixion rubber soles feels sticky and the Fit-thotic inner soles provides stability and cushioning. Part of what makes the Wildcat’s so light is the full mesh uppers, however, in the wet grass moisture quickly soaks through the mesh. Good news is, they dry just as quickly! Overall, I was very impressed with the Wildcat’s and I am looking forwards to trying them out on a proper trail-run next.


·         Extremely lightweight

·         Sticky Frixion soles that work well in wet slippery conditions

·         Fit-thotic inner soles provide stability and cushioning

·         Quick drying

·         Attractive design and color


·         Easy to get wet feet with out using the Gore Tex version- Wildcat 2.0