Drone Use In National Forests- What's Up

drone pic.jpg

Ah the sweet smell of nature.  

The crisp fresh air, the birds chirp and the buzz of a swarm of angry bees circling overhead??  

Oh wait, nope, that is just your drone.  

Those irritating swaths of electronic glee that your nephew may have been interested in, so you bought one yourself.

Drones do not belong in National Parks.  

Or National Forests.  Or State Parks.  Or anywhere for that matter.  

Drones are a growing nuisance above all of our beautiful lands in the USA.  

So much so that this Army Officer built an electro-magnetic pulse gunto counteract their disturbing sounds.  

On a recent mountaineering trip to Mount Shasta, I was particularly disturbed by the drones droning.  

It was exhausting to hear, so much so that I wished that the pilot of said drone, would crash it into the ground as swiftly as possible so that I could go back to enjoying my quiet nature hike.  

He did crash it a few minutes later, thankfully.

The growth of technology in the outdoor industry is nothing new.  From the Gaia AppGore-Tex Pro, and Link-Cams; the engineering feats of the human mind are not to be trifled with in the outdoors.  

Technology is what has given us access, but now the drone of drones, threatens to push people away from recreational areas.

I am sure that the people flying drones are perfectly nice people, and this absence of mind is just an intention to game-ify their lives, but it is a thoughtless act that influences other people’s experience.  

This is not okay.  

Like George Carlin said, “we can’t lock up all the alcoholics, just those that are making life difficult for at least one other person.”

This lack of consideration and sound pollution is appalling.  

Having to confront someone about their drone is annoying, as it is something that we should not have to plan on doing in the peace and quiet of the outdoors.  

The whir of propeller blades is irritating.  

Daily life is stressful enough.  

Do we REALLY need to catch everything we do on video?

Who knows, in the future there may be a net to shoot…oh wait.  There already is one.

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