Kettles Map Project

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Mapping the most numinous, forgotten range in Washington…

Ground-truthed GIS mapping, cartography, online user-managed map, and iOS-compatible map app for the Kettle River Range.

 The Kettles Map Project is a cooperative team of cartographers, athletes, wildlife photographers, and guide book authors collaborating to create the first and only comprehensive map of the Kettle River Range in Ferry County, Washington State.

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Join us in this exciting work with the launch of our Kickstarter campaign. There you’ll have the opportunity to opt in to the community newsletter for updates as the project progresses, give your feedback on the map before it goes to print, or even to reserve your spot on a field trip to the Range as we map the trails and assess conditions.

After years of working in and loving on the Range, we are so excited to make this map. We look forward to using this as a tool to invite you out to the Kettles to discover why we think they’re the greatest place you’ve never been.

Fund the future of mapmaking and an economic boost for wild and beautiful Ferry County this holiday season.

Brittany + Marc