Happy feet, Happy planet!

20180517_155848 (1) Ida.jpg

As a marine biologist and environmental scientist, I care an awful lot about this planet. But it can be overwhelming to know what the right thing is to do and how we can help make a difference. La Sportiva, however, has made this easy when it comes to shoes! My second love (after the sea) is the mountains and I spend my summers climbing and hiking the North Cascades. Last year when it was time to retire my climbing shoes I was delighted to see that La Sportiva now made an eco-version of my climbing shoe of choice, the Mythos. The new Mythos Eco is made with 95% recycled material and has reduced the environmental impact by using metal free tanning, biodegradable leather and water-based adhesives. The fit and comfort of the Mythos Eco is the same as the regular Mythos and they perform brilliantly on alpine rock. I simply love them!

20180525_143827 in the snow.jpg

So, it was with great delight that I found out about the FC 4.1, or more aptly called FC ECO. A light weight La Sportiva hiking boot sold exclusively at REI. The sole is 15% recycled materials, the mid sol 30%, Laces and mesh nylon 100%, and the inside liner is 40 % recycled materials. This makes me happy on a whole new level, a boot for the outdoors that also helps protect the outdoors by reducing the environmental impact of production. But, that is not all, my feet are happy too! I have tried them out wading in ankle deep water for hours while looking for critters on a Pacific North West Beach, I hiked on trails, plunge stepped in deep snow, and wandered around town in these boots. They have performed brilliantly in all the different environments, keeping my feet dry, gripping on wet rocks, excellent ankle support in soft snow, and petit enough to use in the city. I am one happy climber and scientist!