Gravity Pitch 12- A Climber's Day Pack

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I’m not one to write many reviews but this little pack deserves some recognition.  I’ve never enjoyed climbing with a pack on my back. Spending hours on a route, especially ones with little to no ledges to rest on, packs can be very annoying, restricting, cumbersome and usually pretty uncomfortable.  Not this guy.  Once it’s on my back, I completely forget it’s there.  I have full range of motion with zero restriction.  It’s extremely lightweight yet the straps are durable and the back is padded.  It hugs my back like a glove, holds up to a 2-liter bladder for longer days on the wall, plus my food, extra clothes and shoes.  You can either shove your shoes inside or hang them off the outside of the pack.  It has a main compartment and a smaller zip pocket on the front for important items like keys, ID, wallet, sunglasses, etc.  I’ve used other lightweight multi-pitch packs before but they also had no structure.  They were just a flimsy nylon sack with thin shoulder straps and a drawstring.  Once you weight that pack down with your essentials, the thin straps would cut into my shoulders and would make for a very uncomfortable day.   One of the best things about having a pack that is so comfortable and non-restricting is that I always have my water with me.  After a hard send, I swear I sweat out every drip of fluid in my body and just can’t wait for my partner to get up to me with the water.  Those days are over.  I’ll never go thirsty again!  And when I’m giving my partner a 3 to 1 “power belay” through the crux, it’s nice to have my shot bloks readily available for that extra boost of energy needed to haul dead weight ;).  

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I’m seriously stoked that I have found a pack that I feel so free in.  I brought this pack out for it’s maiden voyage on a 6-pitch route and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with its performance.  It just didn’t impede on my climbing abilities in the slightest.  Since then, it has been with me on every multi-pitch route I’ve done.


I am very impressed with Deuter and this little pack.  If you don’t have a multi-pitch pack already, or you don’t like the one you have, I highly recommend this one!


Thanks Deuter!!