Gravity Motion Indoor/Outdoor Bouldering Pack

I’m not goning lie: I love this pack. Backpacks aren’t a thing I normally get excited about, but Deuter’s Gravity Motion is amazing. The amount of attention paid to the details blows my mind.

_DSC8529 (002).jpg


First of all: the zipper on the inside that splits the bag in two is radical: everything is so easy to pack and get to. I don’t have to strategize the 3D tetris game of how i’m going to pack all of my things in reverse order of importance; I can just shove stuff in there however it fits and it’s all equally accessible.

_DSC7558 (002).jpg


On top of that, there’s so many small things that are just so good. There’s handles in the middle of the zipper, which make it great to grab while it’s open and move. The zipper is nice and fat so it doesn’t get dirty and sticky when you throw it around in the dust outside. Everything about this pack is so well thought out. There’s even gear loops on the inside of the pack! I’m not a sport climber, so this does nothing for me, but it’s pretty cool to see a brand put that much effort into a climbing bag.


Like I said earlier, backpacks really don’t do that much for me, but this thing is so good I got two of them, one for me and one for my wife. Gym climbing, bouldering, sport, whatever: this bag is great for all of it.